The Many Uses of Industrial Soffietti

The soffietti is an perfect protection tool for any machinery. It’s used to protect fragile parts like screws, guides, and other machine components. Soffietti can be customized to any required shape in a minimal cost since it’s not necessary to generate mold oftentimes. Bellows have high build quality. It has several peculiarities such as reduced dimensions, higher operating speed, resistance to extreme temperatures, as well as non-meat.


The creation of bellows can get tricky sometimes, but you won’t fail if you stick to some tips. You may find it difficult to understand specific parameters when determining how much you want to apply. You may wonder how to mount bellows or how to utilize ventilations on bellows. You might be unsure of the specific exposure that might affect the compounds and debris in the bellow. Maintaining proper temperature may also be another concern when you are in the process of manufacturing bellows. You don’t understand if the bellows will laterally shift or just extend or retract. To get added information kindly look at Tecnimetal

Soffietti bellows benefit you in protecting ball screws, shafts, or cylindrical sticks. You could use it to cover jack screws, ball screws, robot arms, cylindrical sticks, lift tables, lead screws, and more. Some of the very sensitive and critical machines and devices such as X-Ray machines and surgical tables also use them. The material could resist temperature starting from 300 degrees celsius to 600 degrees celsius.

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